Hanging on the telephone…

I’m in the phone booth, it’s the one across the hall
If you don’t answer, I’ll just ring it off the wall
I know he’s there, but I just had to call
Don’t leave me hanging on the telephone
Don’t leave me hanging on the telephone

Well I won’t leave you hanging on the phone. I’ll sit right by it tonight in every expectation that any friend, family member, work colleague, heck, even an acquaintance, who is living in England, Wales, Northern Ireland, the Channel Islands, Isle of Man, etc., etc., is very welcome¬†to give me a ring and explain to me why I should not vote YES on 18 September this year.

The Prime Minister, in one of his more positive speeches albeit laden in the symbolism of British nationalism masquerading as patriotism, calls on all everyone in the rest of the UK to do the right thing and tell a Scot, “we love ya” and we don’t want you to go. Now, Mr Cameron is not being original. The Canadians not only telephoned, they got off their asses and went to Montreal in Quebec over the weekend before 1995 Referendum to plead with les Qubecois to stick with the Federation. So will copying such tactics – Canada lite – work this time round?

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